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From the story that the female manager of the company who owned a very weak and sensitive skin always wanted to have a healthy skin, led to a reality that ORP company began developing cosmetic products to help bring all women a healthy skin.
The cosmetics of the Company are made after much testing will help solve all the problems of skin such as sensitive skin, allergic skin, dry skin or acne.
We will continue to introduce new products with high quality in the future.

Hit 5 product
Viva+ Karei Stopper O.R.P Special skin careSkin Care This (ViVA+ Ka.re.i Stopper) is the Anti-aging cream promoting skin's resilience and firmness. Prevent the first stages of line formation with this richly textured, ultra-hydrating formulation. Apply after cleanser. Detail product
Pro Magic Veil O.R.P Base Make Ultra-fine powders it seamlessly onto skin to minimize the appearance of pores, dullness, spots and freckles while providing sheer coverage. Formulated with High performance moisturizing ingredient Detail product
Viva+ Keana Cleanser50g O.R.P Skin Care VIVA +pore cleanser is a plug to take the corner can be easily cleaned pores. Climb without float wrapped firmly based on stubborn dirt, sebum alkaline water electrolysis chamber 3 (with patented manufacturing) which dissolve the sebum action, that may cleanser made with adsorption agent and humectant gel, but lurking in the wings of the nose pores. Detail product
Viva+ke.a.na Zipper O.R.P Skin Care Based on a three-chamber electrolytic acidic water, component, such as skin tightening and arch choke leaf extract, formulated to soften the horny fruit acid, is a special lotion for pores. Detail product
Pro Magic Mousse O.R.P Base Make This Pro Magic Mousse is is the perfect make-up base(professional use) ,smooth out pores and shine and achieve a matte, and suppresses sebum. Erase imperfections for a beautiful, natural finish and improve the wear of your foundation. Fills fine lines, counteracts dullness, redness and unevenness to leave skin smooth, refined, bright and even. Detail product
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