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Serum Pracenta TOKYO COSMETICS Hair CareBase Make Thành phần: Nhau thai heo nguyên chất đậm đặc & Thành phần trắng da Arbutin +Chất dẫn xuất Vitamin C ( thành phần chống oxy hóa)Tinh chất cao cấp mang đến độ ẩm, lán mịn cho làn da nhờ kết hợp tối ưu của Chất dẫn xuất Vitamin C (thành phần chống oxy hóa), Arbutin vào nhau thai heo. Detail product
Airlasting Powder Ex:beaute Base Make The compressed powder has effects in reducing disruption makeup and making your skin brighter. Use once a day with a proper amount covered the skin during 3 continuous months to feel the effect of the product. Detail product
Vision Foundation Waterly Sheer Type Ex:beaute Base Make 【 SPF15 PA + + 】is the number 1 product that gives you younger looking skin without causing discomfort. Detail product
Fit Control Cover Ex:beaute Base Make Based on the new concept of concealer and wrinkles. The product has been the best sell as long as it was launched on the market because of features of making skin smooth and conceal wrinkles effectively. Detail product
Invisible Cover Uv Ex:beaute Base Make The product helps cover the traces of redness and brown spots on the skin, meanwhile it moisturizes and makes skin brighter. You can choose suitable colors for your skin. Detail product
Eye Control Cover Ex:beaute Base Make This is the dedicated concealer for eyes that helps reduce and cover dark circles to make the eyes skin shinier. With the exquisite yellow, the product has the function of fading away brown spots and dark circles around the eyes. Detail product
Pro Magic Veil O.R.P Base Make Ultra-fine powders it seamlessly onto skin to minimize the appearance of pores, dullness, spots and freckles while providing sheer coverage. Formulated with High performance moisturizing ingredient Detail product
Pro Magic Mousse O.R.P Base Make This Pro Magic Mousse is is the perfect make-up base(professional use) ,smooth out pores and shine and achieve a matte, and suppresses sebum. Erase imperfections for a beautiful, natural finish and improve the wear of your foundation. Fills fine lines, counteracts dullness, redness and unevenness to leave skin smooth, refined, bright and even. Detail product
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