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Starup Palette Bright Feminine Ex:beaute Point-Make has produced products with awaited shades. The product is considered as a shade list making your skin nicer with very subtle brightness and colors. Under the control of Mrs. Nishiyama Mai, an expert in hair and makeup from Japan, the product has been recognized in making skin can more beautiful and charming.
1,600,000 ₫
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X'sartist Glowrouge Ex:beaute Point-Make "Micro-collagen" Rouge was made by the cooperation of the label and expert of hair and makeup, Mrs Nishiyama Mai.
9,500,000 ₫
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X'sartist Dresseye Ex:beaute Point-Make The unique 4-way brush design helps lashes thicker and longer. Moreover, with 15 ℃ curvature will much curve you lashes but still be consistent with the eyes.
1,150,000 ₫
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